Technical competence and professionalism are involved in the selection of the best machinery present in the market. The latter is accompanied in some cases by its corresponding consumption material. An excellent price-quality relationship is guaranteed for the best new brands and the most optimum selections of used machinery, without giving up on safety and reliability. Upon request, Luciano Egei can provide CE quality certification and all the documentation pertaining to the sales and installation process of used machinery. All the refurbished machinery is guaranteed following the established safety norms (D.lgs 17/2010, D.Lgs 81/2008, Directive 2006/42/CE, Directive 2006/95/CE, Directive 2004/108/CE). The collaboration of a team of engineers and technicians assures maximum reliability, the best quality standards and work safety.
Luciano Egei guarantees, upon request, the service assistance of a specialized technician in order to provide adequate training and instructions on the use of the machinery at the client’s company location.
New Inserting bar machine
Size min 1,0 mm max 3,5 mm
New Snake chain machine
size min 1,40 max 3,20
Machine for france rope chain
Size min 0,25 mm max 0,80 mm
New automatic chain machine
cutting min 1 cm cutting max 1 m